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Glass jar soy wax candle "Magic story in Paris"

Glass jar soy wax candle "Magic story in Paris"

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Undoubtedly the ideal candle for any romantic occasion with the person you love and love so much, the beautiful design placed on the label of the glass jar will play a very important role as it expresses a magical and wonderful story between a couple in love who meet stranded in one of the most romantic and ideal places for every couple in love, Paris. It is undoubtedly a memorable story that you will want to remember and share with your partner.
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β€’ Soy wax
β€’ Cotton wick
β€’ 3.76β€³ Γ— 3.13β€³ (95 Γ— 79 mm) glass vessel
β€’ Product weight: 1.2 lbs (570 g)
β€’ Unscented, has a pleasant natural aroma
β€’ Blank product sourced from Latvia

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